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Here you can look at some of my young reader books...

How many can you find in your library?

Some books have their own pages so clik on the pictures so click on the pictures below.

Meerkat's Marathon and Hippo's High Dive

Join in the Olympic fun with these to two unlikely athletes. Click on the cover to find out more.

Robbie's Robot has it's own page with lots of information and free fun stuff to do. Click on the cover to go there now...

Splash Damian Harvey


Illustrated by Sam Hearn

Published by Franklin Watts

ISBN 978-1445106915

Rain is horrible - but splashing in puddles can be fun... the only trouble is... it's very messy and that can mean only one thing... Bathtime YUK!!!


The Wizzard's Wish

Illustrated byAndy Elkerton

(Published by Franklin Watts)

Marvo the wizzard is completely bald and his head gets cold... no problem for a wizard... or is it???

Go to Amazon to look indside






Captain Kidd:

Pirate Hunter

Illustrated by Peter Cottrill

Published by Franklin Watts

ISBN 978-0749694456

Captain Kidd was given the job of capturing pirates but is he a pirate himself - and where is all his treasure??


Eric Bloodaxe the Viking King

Illustrated by Ross Collins

Published by Frankiln Watts

ISBN H/B 0749685778








Odeysseus and the Wooden Horse

Illustrated by Martin Remphry

Published by Frankiln Watts

ISBN H/B 0749679948

ISBN P/B 0749680024






Tutankhamun and the Golden Chariot

Illustrated by Graham Philpot

Published by Frankiln Watts

ISBN H/B 0749670843

ISBN P/B 0749674156

Look inside this book on Amazon




Boris the Spider

Illustrated by Daniel Postgate

Published by Frankiln Watts

ISBN H/B 0749670991

ISBN P/B 0749677910






Whizzy Witch

Illustrated by Marjorie Dumortier

Published by Frankiln Watts

ISBN H/B 0749671408

ISBN P/B 074967699X





Big Bad Bart

Illustrated by Fabiano Fiorin

Published by Franklin Watts

ISBN 0749665998

People scream and people shout: "You'd better watch out, Bad Bart's about!" But what is everyone afraid of?





Monster Cake

Illustrated by Graham Philpot

(Published by Franklin Watts)

ISBN ~0749665920 (Hardback)

ISBN ~ 0749668091(Paperback)

There once was a baker who baked a huge cake - not any old cake, but a MONSTER CAKE! What will he put in it?






Captain Cool

Illustrated by Rory Walker

click here to find out about Rory

(Published by Franklin Watts)

ISBN ~ 0749665912 (Hardback)

ISBN ~ 0749668164 (Paperback)

Monsters and villains had best watch out, if Captain Cool is hanging about! He isn't afraid of anything... or is he???





The Princess and the Porcupines

Illustrated by Andy Catling

(Franklin Watts)

ISBN ~ 0-7496-6138-0 (HBK)

ISBN ~ 0-7496-6144-5 (PBK)

The King and Queen want a perfect prince to marry their daughter. But finding one is hard...




The Monster Party

Illustrated by Jane Cope

(Franklin Watts)

ISBN ~ 0-7496-6127-5 (HBK)

ISBN ~0-7496-6133-X (PBK)

Every night at 12 0'clock, the haunted house begins to rock! Why not join in the monster rap fun?




A Band of Dirty Pirates

Illustrated by Graham Philpot

(Franklin Watts)

ISBN ~ 0-7496-5941-6 (HBK)

ISBN ~ 0-7496-5947-5 (PBK)

Jolly Roger and his pirates are all so dirty! What will happen when Roger's Mum comes to visit?




The Big Wooly Jumper

Illustrated by Mike Spoor

(Published by Franklin Watts)

ISBN ~ 0-7496-5942-4 (HBK)

ISBN ~ 0-7496-5948-3 (PBK)

Grandma has knitted William a jumper. But William hates it! Perhaps the dog can help?




Cockerel's Big Egg

Illustrated by Francois Hall (Published by Franklin Watts)

ISBN ~ 0-7496-5729-4 (HBK)

ISBN ~ 0-7496-5767-7 (PBK)

The farmyard is too crowded. Something will have to go ... but what? Cockerel is afraid he'll have to leave. Then Cat has an idea that might just save him




A Gift for the King

Illustrated by Martin Remphry

Email - martin.remphry@btinternet.com

(Published by Franklin Watts)

ISBN ~ 0-7496-5735-9 (HBK)

ISBN ~ 0-7496-5773-1 (PBK)

It's the King's birthday. But will there be any birthday cakes left for him?




Make Way for the Queen

Illustrated by Jo Brown

(Published by Franklin Watts)

ISBN ~ 0-7496-5734-0 (HBK)

ISBN ~ 0-7496-5772-3 (PBK)

Everyone gets excited when Ant tells them the Queen is coming. But where is she?




Oggy and the Dinosaur

Illustrated by Francois Hall

(Published in UK by Franklin Watts)

ISBN ~ 0-7496-5309-4 (HBK)

ISBN ~ 0-7496-5373-6 (PBK)

Oggy thinks the baby dinosaur would be good to eat. But the dinosaur has other ideas.


This litle book has it's own page with infomormation and fun things to do...

Click HERE to go there now.