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Meet The Mudcrusts - An Ice Age Family With A Difference


Dad likes nothing better than the feel of soft, squelchy mud between his toes....

"Ah!!! That's the life"


Mother Mudcrust is the driving force behind the family... She is determined to have a better life for the all and dreams of a cave with a view and a husband that's Chief of the Tribe.


A chip of the old block... Fungus is just like his Dad... Big and strong but not the cleverest rock in the pile. He smells like a wet mammoth .


A mummy's boy with a mind as sharp as flint and muscles as soft as swamp mud. His mind is busy thinking of ways to improve life. People would call him an inventor but words like that hadn't been invented in the Ice Age.

Chief Hawknose

SLIMEPOOL SWAMP is as wet and smelly as its name suggests, and LOWBROW MUDCRUST loves it! His wife, FLORA, however, has other ideas, She would like to move to a NICE CAVE with a view. But how can she persuade Lowbrow to leave his FAMILY HUT? It’s time to come up with a clever plan...

Now their hut has sunk into SLIMEPOOL SWAMP, the Mudcrusts must find a NEW HOME. Luckily, there’s a CAVE not far away, just as Flora dreamed about. But something is already living there – and it EATS WILD BOAR for breakfast! Flora’s not moving, but how can they get rid of their UNWELCOME GUEST?

FUNGUS is fed up with BOGWEED getting all the attention. It’s time to show EVERYONE he’s just as good as his younger brother. So he sets off into the FORREST to catch something for their supper. But with STORM CLOUDS up above, is it just THUNDER that’s rumbling, or something far more DANGEROUS?

LOWBROW has challenged CHIEF HAWKNOSE to a trial. He thinks HE will make a better chief of the tribe. But Hawknose CHEATED in the last CONTEST. Will he try to cheat again? TIME IS RUNNING OUT if Lowbrow wants to DISCOVER what he’s PLOTTING, and make a plan to stop him...

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How ICE AGE is THAT???

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