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Illustrations © Martin Remphry
Tales of Robin Hood and his Merry Men...

Here you can find out all about my series of Robin Hood books that have been published by Franklin Watts.

I have loved tales of Robin Hood for as long as I can remember so I was delighted when I was asked to write these stories.

People are still not sure if Robin Hood was ever a real person... or if he was just a character in a story.

In the days when Robin Hood might have been alive not many people could read or write.

People learnt about Robin and his Merry Men through stories and songs that were told by wandering minstrels or storytellers. These stories and songs mixed fact and fiction together.

Meet the brave Robin Hood and his Merry Men...
Little John
Robin Hood
Hmm... Who could this mysterious swordsman be???
Will Scarlet
Friar Tuck
Much ~ the miller's son

All of the artwork for the Robin Hood books has been done by the marvelous Martin Remphry

This is a picture Martin did of himself for one of my first books ~

"A Gift for the King".

You can find out more about Martin at the bottom of the page.

Robin and Maid Marion

In which Robin Hood goes in search of Maid Marian but meets a deadly swordsman in the forrest.

Robin and the Butcher

In which Robin Hood meets a Butcher who has had to seel everything he has to keep his family fed... the cruel Sherriff of Nootingham is to blame...

Robin and the Monk

In which Robin Hood is betrayed by a Monk and gets captured by the Sheriff of Nottingham...

Robin and the Silver Arrow

In which the Sheriff of Nottingham sets a trap to catch Robin Hood

Robin and the Knight

In which Robin Hood comes the the aid of a Knight...

Robin and the Friar

In which Robin Hood has a splashing time when he meets Friar Tuck

About the Illustrator

Martin Remphry

Martin Remphry says "I grew up on the Channel Island of Sark. An island which is 3 miles long and 1 and a half miles wide, with a population of about 600 people. More than anything, Sark fed my imagination and got me interested in art and reading. The perfect combination of these two interests was of course, illustration."

Martin studied illustration at Camberwell College in London.

He does all his work in a studion in "The Old Lost Goods Building" that used to be owned by British Rail ~ it was a place where they stored lost property that had been left on trains. He imagines the room being filled with umbrellas, glasses and mobile phones!

Martin is interested in scarecrows, ghosts, pirates and British Folklore. He spent most of his childhood buidling scarecrows but says that none of them could even frighten a robin.

He has recently published a book about Sark Folklore ~ which is full of stories of ghosts, witches and pirates...

You can see some more of Martin's excellent artwork here.

All Illustrations on this page

© Martin Remphry

Used with kind permission.