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.Damian And Vicky Wedding
Vicky and I were married on the 27th October 2012 - here's some pictures from our special day...

If you are lucky you will meet the real love of your life... be careful though because I think this only happens once. When you meet this person you know that they are the one person that you should be with forever... Vicky and I met in 2010. I asked her to marry me in 2011 and thankfully she said yes...

Sylvanian Families Wedding

Vicky told me that when she was a little girls she had always wanted to have some Sylvanian Family toys, so as a little wedding gift I gave her a Sylvanian Family Bride and Groom... Here they are standing in some of the confetti from our wedding and Vicky's tiara headband.

We were married at St Mark's Church in Connnah's Quay on 27th October 2012

Here's a picture of our Bridesmaids, Vicky's Mum, Sister-In-Law and Ring Bearer - Laura, Deanna, Rachel, Nancy, Dawn, Connor, Rachel and Lauren in the limousine on their way to church.

As always... Vicky looked absolutely stunning. I love her so very much... Even though we were standing in front of a church full of guests it felt as though we were the only two people in the world.

Here we are signing the wedding register... the photographs were taken by an excellent couple of photographers - Steve and Gaynor Godfrey - click HERE to see their website... Special thanks to them for their hard work and for letting me use some of the pictures on my website...

After the wedding at the church we were taken to Mountain Park Hotel, Flint Mountain, where we had our wedding reception. The car that took us there was very cool...

Vicky's Mum, Nancy, made our wedding cake.... isn't it beautiful ???

Sylvanian Families Wedding

My brother, Craig said that he would be my best man... and it was brilliant having him there... even though he managed to embarrass me a bit with his speech (I'm sure I wasn't that horrible to him when we were little!!!)

Damian Harvey and Victoria Harvey

At the end of the day, Vicky and I were driven off to a secret location for our perfect Honeymoon!!!

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect and we would like to thank everyone that came along and helped make our special day all that more special...

We were really thrilled to receive our completed photo album - along with a mini photo album for our parents to keep - and a calendar to commemorate our special day.