Have you ever looked at a strange house and wondered who lives there?

Perhaps it's a family like the Von Kreeps...

This book contains two plays that can be acted out with your friends in school.

Meena the Monster Minder and

Meena the Master Chef

As you can see from their pictures, Mr and Mrs Von Kreep are normal people like you and I - but their children are a little bit odd.

The excellent illustrations for Meena the Monster Minder have been done by a brilliant illustrator called Marcin Piworwarski.

Marcin lives in Poland with his wife and children and he has illustrated over 150 books for children. You can click HERE to visit Marcin's website to see more of his work and find out more about him.

Click HERE to download a Meena the Monster Minder Wordsearch

Meena - a clever, quick thinking young girl.

Wilf - a shape-shifting monster that can turn into anything.

Boris - a very greedy monster that will eat anything.

Daisy - a little monster that loves doing magic.

Mr Von-Kreep - the little monster's proud father.

Mrs Von-Kreep - the little monster's loving mother.

Meet The Cast

It isn't easy when your children are little monsters... Just ask Mr and Mrs Von Kreep - and imagine how hard it must be to get someone to come and babysit for you.

Luckily for them, Meena has got just what it takes to look after the Von Kreep children.