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Sam has dreamed of being an astronaut since he was a little boy. Everyone thought he would grow out of it and get a normal job ... but he never did.

Then one day, Sam spotted an advert in the Newspaper...

But becoming an astronaut isn't easy as there's lots to learn and do. Sam tries his best but he's very accident prone and things just keep going wrong for him...

Sam feels that he might just might be the worst astronaut that there has ever been.

When I came to write this story I was given the title 'The Awful Astronaut' and was asked to write a funny story which also included some real things about the job. I didn't really know what it was like to be an astronaut so I had to do lots of research.

I saw all of the things that the excellent British astronaut, Major Tim Peake had done when preparing for his six months on the space station and thought it would be good to include a lot of these things in the book for my character Sam to try.

In the book, Sam does a lot of things that real astronauts do, but of course, Sam makes a bit of a mess of things.

I also wanted to include some little things that other astronauts had said about their time in space, just to give the book a bit more of a real feel to it. I had lots of fun writing the story - I hope you like it.

Writing the story is only one half of a book like The Awful Astronaut - the illustrations are very important too. I was very lucky that the wonderful illustrator Davide Ortu was able to do the artwork.

Davide lives in Spain so I've never met him, but I think you will agree... he's done a fantastic job of illustrating the it. He's really brought the characters to life.

Ive still got a few things to add to this web page so please come back soon...

Click HERE to download an Awful Astronaut picture to colour in.

Click HERE to download an Awful Astronaut wordsearch.

Click HERE to download an Awful Astronaut worksheet.

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